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 News -November 09-

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PostSubject: News -November 09-   Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:59 am

We there finnally with a newsletter of November '09
- We've been paused on Sviggy RP, we will finish this when VRP is done.
- We started with an other RP, located in Las Venturas (look under for more information about VRP)
- I (Vandooz) am finished with an funny filterscript -> look here for more information


About VRP:
VandoozRP will be one of our biggest projects, its 10% ready. But there are so much idea's for this project.
Some idea's are already exist, but there's some new stuff coming up.

Some idea's:
- /Kidnap [playerid] = Kidnap some person (VIP only)
- /buydrugsmachine = Buy a machine for making your drugs!
- /buylab = for medics only, you can make a cure for a infected person
- /stealcar = steal a car, and sell 'em
- /makemoney = if youre lvl 50+ you can make fake money.
- /startrob = in 24/7 you can start a raid! stay there long for more money, but look out for the cops
- /makeweapon = make your own weapon! (but remember you need some stuff first)
- /takeover = takeover a rival gangzone
- /train = train your fightskills

If you know make idea's for VRP comment it!
And if you want to help scripting, say it. You're welcome!
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News -November 09-

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