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 [FINISHED][DOWNLOADABLE] [FS]Protection Ball v0.5

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PostSubject: [FINISHED][DOWNLOADABLE] [FS]Protection Ball v0.5   Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:34 am

Hi people,
today i share a completely self builded Filter Script, only STRTOK and SSCANF codes are from the makers himself. Here's some explaining:

WARNING - Read this by using this filterscript:
> Destroy the ball if you change your mode, if not: the first exist createobject in your gamemode will follow you!
> I worked hard on this one. so do not: remove, change without permission, or anything else because of copyright.

+The Commands+
/pbhelp - Shows the ball command list.
/callpb - Creating the ball and going to follow you.
/destroypb - Destroys the ball.
/stoppb - Stops the ball following you.
/startpb - Ball continue following you.
/pbattack[id] - Ball attacks the player. (-50 health)
/pbinfect[id] - Ball infect the player to death.
/pbheal[id] - Ball heals the player.

Created by: Vandooz(some bugs fixed by Ekeleke)
BETA Testers: Ekeleke, Falenone, Rens and Ottoman
Tests: 18
Time Worked on this FS: 23 Hour and 40 minutes (a week)

+Picture of the ball+


By Vandooz (c)
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[FINISHED][DOWNLOADABLE] [FS]Protection Ball v0.5

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